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Rainwater Collection Systems in Wells, Shepton Mallet, Glastonbury & Somerset

Rainwater is a resource that the UK is certainly not short of … in fact millions of litres a year fall on our roofs and most of it ends up down the drain.
Meanwhile, we pay ever-increasing amounts for the treated mains water that is fed into our homes, commercial buildings and agricultural operations.
High Standards is able to offer our clients a great solution to this conundrum – the harvesting of all that rainwater, which can then be filtered and used for a
wide range of applications, cutting water utility bills appreciably and reducing mains water usage by more than 50%.

We work with the UK’s longest established rainwater harvesting company, Rainharvesting Systems of Gloucestershire, leading specialists in the
technology of rainwater harvesting systems, tailor made to suit any purpose and situation.

As approved suppliers and installers of Rainharvesting Systems we’re able to make sure you can save, store and use rain water in your home, school, pub,
farm, office block, stable yard, factory – in fact anywhere. It’s not for human consumption (although clean enough for animals), but there are a myriad
other areas where harvested, clean, filtered rain water can save you using mains water: toilet flushing, laundry, watering and irrigation, pressure
cleaning, industrial cleaning and cooling, to name but a few.

Although the idea of collecting rain water is nothing new, in the past it was not a perfect solution because stored rain water is inclined to deteriorate quickly,
becoming stagnant and smelly, unpleasant to use even for basic things such as watering the garden. The Rainharvesting Systems technology we provide for
our rainwater collection systems in Somerset, however, makes sure the water is thoroughly cleaned and oxygenated before being stored, eliminating this
problem and making the water hygienically acceptable and safe for many uses. A range of equipment makes up a rain water harvesting system to clean the
water, including filters, sediment removers, oxygenators, particle extractors and surface skimmers. The High Standards team are skilled and qualified to
supply, install and maintain these systems, along with the necessary above and below-ground storage tanks and pumps.

Depending on your requirements and the physical location of your property the harvesting system you need may be simple, or more complex. We’ll survey
the situation and give you a quotation for a tailor-made rain water collection solution in Wells, Glastonbury, Shepton Mallet or anywhere in Somerset.
We’re happy to provide a small-scale rain water collection system for your garden, or design, supply and install a major water harvesting solution for a
housing scheme, factory operation or sports’ ground, for example.

Here at High Standards we are very enthusiastic about the idea of recycling and the sustainability of the earth’s resources, and being able to offer our
clients super-efficient rain water harvesting systems fits with our ethos perfectly.

If you’d like to learn more about the concept, practicality, cost-effectiveness and other advantages of harvesting rainwater for either residential, industrial,
agricultural, or commercial purposes get in touch with High Standards today on 01749 939347.

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